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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a debt payment plan that in many cases allows you to reduce many types of unsecured debt to a small percentage of what you owe. It also provides protection from creditors. Reneau & Childers is the top choice if you are looking for a Chapter 13 attorney in Midwest City. 


You may be able to claim most of your property as exempt in a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Your
property that is claimed exempt is not available for the bankruptcy court to collect to repay your creditors.
Under the Oklahoma Exemption Statute, an example of property that is exempt is your primary residence,
retirement, one vehicle per debtor with a value of $7,500.00 or less, household goods and furnishings, and
personal clothing.


Contingent upon being paid for the services as specified below, the Attorney shall provide the following legal services for the Client:
1. Analysis of the Client's financial situation, and rendering advice and assistance to the Client in determining whether to file bankruptcy;
2. Preparation and filing of any petition, schedules, statement of affairs, other documents required by the Court and/or plan which may be required;
3. Representation of the Client at the meeting of creditors and confirmation hearing, and any adjourned hearing thereof; and,
4. Legal analysis and advice with regards to reaffirmation agreements and surrenders.

1. Pay the attorney's fees and costs of the filing, credit counseling courses, and credit report;
2. Provide accurately and honestly all the information necessary to prepare and file the bankruptcy;
3. Keep the Attorney advised at all times of the Client's email address, home address, and telephone numbers;
4. Attend the 341 Creditors Meeting and any other hearing set in the case;
5. Provide any information requested of the Client by the Bankruptcy Trustee, the US Trustee, or any other party in the case, unless the Court rules set out that the Client is not required to provide the information; and,
6. Respond immediately to any requests of the Client by the Attorney or the Attorney's staff.

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