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There are several grounds for which an individual may seek a divorce in Oklahoma. However, the overwhelming majority of divorces are granted on the grounds that the married couple are now incompatible. Any other grounds such as adultery requires specific proof. Oklahoma generally has jurisdiction to grant a divorce if one or both of the parties have resided in Oklahoma for the at least six months. A divorce is commenced with the filing of a Petition in the county in which one or both of the parties has resided for the preceding six months. Common Law Marriage is still recognized in Oklahoma, but requires evidence that parties actually believed they were married by presentation of evidence such as joint tax returns or a spouse designation for health insurance coverage.

A divorce can be obtained by agreement or by a Judge at trial. When the parties have reached an agreement before commencing proceedings, our firm charges a flat fee to represent one of the parties to draft, file, and obtain a Decree of Divorce with the Court. An agreed Decree of Divorce can be entered by the Court as early as ten (10) days after filing the petition where there are no minor children of the marriage, and ninety (90) days after filing the petition when there are minor children of the marriage.

If the parties are unable to reach an agreement regarding the terms of a divorce, our firm will aggressively litigate to a conclusion all issues of the divorce at the attorney’s hourly rate. Our firm requests an initial retainer fee commensurate with the issues and facts of each particular case. The case will then proceed with the attorney billing for all services on the case at the attorney’s hourly rate.

Things to do if you are about to go through a divorce:
1. Secure Financial Information - Secure and maintain separate records of all financial holdings such as a bank account, IRA, 401k, land purchases, and stocks; including separate holdings only in your spouses name.
2. Document All Personal Property - There is generally no documentation of the extent of a person’s personal property such as jewelry, furniture, household goods, and tools. Take pictures and or video of everything you and your spouse own with a date stamp in case you need to proved such items were in possession.
3. Do Not Move Out of the Marital Residence - Moving out of the marital residence before a divorce is commenced can often place the party that moved at a significant disadvantage in the divorce proceeding depending upon the facts of the particular case.
4. Freeze or Close Spousal Access to Joint Credit Accounts - To protect your credit, make sure your spouse lacks the ability to increase marital debt before the commencement of the divorce.
5. Insist Upon Maintaining a Significant and Positive Relationship with Your Children at All Times - Insist upon establishing and maintaining a schedule of physical custody/visitation that is reasonable and reflects the best interests of the children.

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