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An expungement is the legal process of erasing your court record. After successful expungement procedure, the record is deemed to have never occurred. A search of your court record is a prerequisite to employment, licensing, and even prior to leasing a residence. Your record is increasingly available online to any person that is seeking your information. If you have any court record, you should seek the services of our expungement lawyers.

Expungement of Criminal Records
You may qualify for an expungement of a criminal record under the following circumstances:
• If you have successfully completed a deferred sentence on a criminal charge.
• If you have been acquitted of a criminal charge.
• If your conviction was reversed by an appellate court.
• If your factual innocence was established by DNA evidence subsequent to your conviction.
• If you have received a pardon from the governor.
• If you were arrested and no charges were ever filed against you.
• If you were under the age of 18 at the time the offense was committed.
• If you were convicted of a misdemeanor offense and there has been at least 10 years since the conviction.
• If you were arrested or charged with a crime that was committed by another person who stole your identity.

Expungement of Victims Protective Orders Records
Records searches can also significantly affect you if you have been the subject of a Victim's Protection proceeding. Many residential areas are denying persons a lease that have been the subject of such a proceeding. A person may search your involvement in such a proceeding before entering into a dating or employment relationship with you. You may be entitled to an expungement of a Victim's Protective Order if the case was dismissed or later vacated. Contact experienced expungement lawyers at Reneau & Childers conveniently located in Midwest City for a free consultation.

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